Characteristic :

The originality, scarcity, safety, versatility, whether civil, technological, scientific or military, both in water and on land, represent a number of legislative loopholes.
These legislative loopholes, for this type of building, facilitate their setting up in areas where the climatic conditions are harsh and improbable difficult for living, making it possible to acquire low value and/or yet inaccessible land which would normally be unusable and unviable for life.
They would therefore allow the purchase at the lowest price of plots of land that would normally not be open to acquisition. Accordingly, they would allow the choice of territories and maritime zones according to rights and/or lack thereof, taxes and/or exemptions thereof, political stability and/or instability of the countries concerned since subaquatic constructions would escape in particular real estate charges, allow immediate removals at any time of the day or night, on or under sea level, by simply moving them to other destinations. The ballasts supporting the hydro-generators could be placed permanently where currents are optimal, so that they operate at full power.

For the future:

Tomorrow, humanity will be obliged to establish, jointly and severally, ascending successes in a period where the context becomes increasingly tough in terms of: economy, demography and climate whereby the first two are unarguably and irremediably dependent on the last.
Here is the gigantic challenge facing our descendants!
Tomorrow, the living and working unit will have be adjusted both to the planet and the various inherent rates of the metamorphosis caused by its ageing. It will have to be accessible to the greatest numbers both in terms of price and its simple implementation, but also in its possibilities of protection, whether this concerns speedy construction or respect for the visual and ecological environment. Finally, to ensure optimal protection from outside events, over the years and under the best possible conditions regarding:
extreme cold, avalanches, momentary flooding (high water levels, monsoons, tsunamis), cyclones, storms, landslides, extreme heat, fire, bacteria, chemicals, explosions, radioactivity, ultraviolet rays, earthquakes and the saddest of all: a new phenomenon which is developing in an alarming manner: aggressions in the homes of people, by day or by night.


These underwater units have a definite game-like and fantastic aspect although these characteristics are less evident in the troglodyte; however, in both cases, it will be possible to live and/or work in them, permanently and/or part time.
They will be able to accommodate between one and 20 families and/or one or several teams of workers and address every type of resident (permanent or summer, sedentary or roaming), every type of trade and function, for instance:
hotel keeping, restaurants, water sports, fishing, games rooms, rest homes, nurseries, schools, hospitals, medical and/or surgical units, banks, roaming or momentary supermarkets (stationary in time during the major works) on an island or in coastal areas, surveillance, watch-keeping and observation stations for statistical and/or scientific analysis, police, military, customs and/or civil protection, for instance fire services and specialised first aid assistance, for the storage of robotised or other equipment whether rolling, floating, flying (drones); equipment representing sensitive and/or strategic, bacteriological and/or viral technologies, food supplies, drugs, animals, data and/or files.
For a school, a gymnasium, a car park and/or any other building of a public and/or private nature, momentarily convertible into a collective shelter, or offering this option if chosen by the community in the interest of the greatest numbers, including its more deprived elements. In such a context, although the size may change, the principle remains the same.


Invisible Living

It’s possible !